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An Authorized Roof-A-Cide Applicator company at your service

EPA Approved 

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Quality You Deserve 

Proper maintenance is very important to homeowner enjoyment and community image. Roofs are a prime example. If properly installed and maintained, a quality roof should be expected to last at least 25-30 years.

Never Clean Your Roof Again 

We have partnered with Roof-A-Cide to provide the best long-term results. Their patented, EPA-approved product is 100% effective in controlling and preventing algae, mold, mildew and fungus!

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Our 2-Year Guarantee 

Have your roof treated with Roof-A-Cide, and enjoy a beautiful, mold and algae free roof, year after year, without the damaging effects of pressure cleaning or harsh chemicals.

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"Hi! I would like to thank Viviene and Jesus and their team for taking such wonderful care of our home! We drove by our house for the first time after it was cleaned, and we were so pleased! The roof looked brand new! We also had Jesus and his crew clean our stone waterfall and an awning we have in our lanai. Both look fabulous! I would recommend Eco Green for any job.They are quick, neat and very friendly to work with!"

-Rebecca Stearns, Home Owner

“We used Eco Green Exterior Cleaning, Inc to clean our tile roof which was nearly 4 years old. Black/mold/mildew had accumulated around many of the barrel tiles and it was starting to look terrible. They first cleaned it thoroughly and were very careful when doing so because we had no broken roof tiles during the process. After it was all cleaned, they applied Roof-A-Cide which will help keep the roof cleaner much longer than with the traditional methods. Our roof looked new and the color was restored after they were all done; it's beautiful again and the cost is very fair. Highly recommend this crew and the company overall!!!”

—Vicky Pendell, Home Owner.

We're located in Naples, FL

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